Rocket's Island

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About the show

Rocket’s Island is an action packed, whirlwind of a show, marrying heartfelt dramatic stories with adventure and mystery.  The series was shot in the heart of North Wales with locations ranging from Llandudno to Snowdonia.  The magical drama has the highest production values capturing the most of the picturesque Welsh countryside with stunning, sweeping shots of every hill, cove, cave and cliff used.  The scope and scale of the pictures used highlight Rocket’s Island’s unique visual style and ambition.

Rocket’s Island tells beautiful stories in the most ambitious and captivating way possible, making it something really special for the whole family to enjoy

A quality drama with the highest of production values, Rockets Island was nominated for Best Drama Series at the 2014 Children’s BAFTAs.


Made in: United Kingdom

Broadcast on: BBC

Distribution: United Kingdom