Educating Joey Essex

Educating Joey Essex is the hit entertainment series that takes TOWIE star Joey Essex out of his home town and into the big wide world to broaden his horizons through a variety of experiences. From fashion to fishing via football, our world traveller comes face to face with issues that are very much out of his comfort zone.

For the viewer it’s an opportunity to see the world through his different perspective and be entertained by the joyful way that Joey approaches every life experience. The show journeys through different landscapes to offer different experiences, some tied to events happening in the calendar, others because of his own personal passions. Ultimately, Joey’s natural curiosity and child-like questioning cannot help but leave you willing him on and loving each and every discovery.

Educating Joey Essex has been an instant for ITV providing ITV2 with their highest rating launch in over a year for 16-34 year olds and an incredible social media buzz around the show has allowed these viewing figures to sustain with every special. Overall it is the 4th most watched programme of 2014 so far for the 16-34 audience, only behind long-running established programmes such as Celebrity Juice, TOWIE and Britain’s Got More Talent.

He once famously claimed not to know who the Prime Minister is, so it’s safe to say Joey Essex knows little to nothing about politics. Until now. Educating Joey Essex: General Election what you saying? saw everyone’s favourite Essex boy ditch Dagenham for Downing Street in a bid to boost his political know how but did he learn enough to vote in this year’s General Election? This one off 60 minute special challenged Joey to get in touch with the hottest topics in politics, in an effort to understand the issues that affect people of his generation, and ultimately make his decision on whether or not he should vote and if so, who to vote for.

Cameras were on hand to capture every step of Joey’s induction into politics, as he toured the Houses of Parliament and interviewed some of the most influential figures in Westminster. Once clueless about who runs the country, Joey also went in search of each of the political leaders for answers on why he should vote for them. Along the way, Joey was mentored by political columnist and broadcaster Isabel Hardman, who was on hand to help him get to grips with Government affairs and make his mind up on who to vote for. He’s openly admitted he would love to be the ‘Prime Minister of Essex’ and once shamelessly asked Ed Miliband for a selfie, in spite of having no idea which political party he represents, but Joey was determined to find out if the vote really counts as Joey Essex’s pre Election education began.  Educating Joey Essex: General Election, what you saying?! was an original Lime Pictures production for ITV2. 

Made In: United Kingdom Broadcast On: ITV2   Distribution: United Kingdom

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