Too Posh to Parent

Too Posh to Parent

Too Posh to Parent was a 60-minute one off factual entertainment special for C4 that explored the fascinating business of outsourcing parenting.  From etiquette lessons, to professional potty trainers who guarantee results in three days, this observational documentary followed modern parents who have never had so many experts to choose from.  If they can afford it.  

For some, parental support services are a necessity of modern life, enabling quality time between parents and their children.  Others feel strongly that the burgeoning business is simply a by-product of lazy parenting.  Too Posh to Parent, a one-off documentary, explored this polarising subject by meeting the providers of parental services to the super rich, and the wealthy families that use them: from 34-year-old Nina Naustdal, and her household of full-time staff, to family concierge Lucy Challenger, who is on a mission to find a client a nanny who can both cook vegan food and ski.  Going behind closed doors at well-heeled family homes, the programme uncovered how some wealthy parents spend their money on raising their kids.

Made In: United Kingdom

Broadcast On: Channel 4

Distribution: United Kingdom

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