Hollyoaks cast share their inspiring LGBTQ+ journeys and confirm major storylines ahead

  • Date: 27th June 2024
  • E4
  • All4

EXCLUSIVE chat with Metro. 

You can’t think Hollyoaks without thinking LGBTQ+. Synonymous with years of representation, groundbreaking storylines and character journeys, as well as iconic ships that have had audiences over several generations in a tizzy, the Channel 4 soap is an ally and then some.

Now approaching its 30th anniversary, Hollyoaks boasts a history of fantastic gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and non-binary characters, all who have been at the centre of storylines both focusing on their gender identity and sexual orientation but, just as crucially, not.

As show stalwart Kieron Richardson said when we sat down for a chat on set recently, the characters ‘just are – they can be lead characters at the forefront of the show.

‘It’s not like, “We’re going to have a gay one, we’re going to have a lesbian in it or a trans person,” they were just lead characters. They had stories and their sexuality was just a part of them, it was never that this was a focal point of why they were in the show. I think we always led the way with that.’

And if anyone should know, it’s Kieron himself whose character Ste Hay has been central to some of the soap’s most blockbuster storylines of all time.

Drug addictions, murder mysteries, far-right grooming, explosive affairs – he’s done it all, and his love for the show that made him a household name shone through when we chatted.

Ste’s life is a bit of a car crash for the most part, sometimes even literally – at the start of this year, his world was upended once more when he accidentally hit and killed teenager Ella in a traffic collision.

Amplifying Kieron’s point that Hollyoaks’ LGBTQ+ characters are far more than box-ticking vehicles for certain topics, Ste’s marriages have also been chaotic, packed with drama and created online frenzies.

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