22 Kids and Counting announces series 4

  • Date: 20th December 2023
  • Channel 5

Brace yourselves for another rollercoaster ride as Britain’s biggest family, the Radford’s, make a triumphant return in the highly anticipated fourth series of 22 Kids and Counting. Sue and Noel Radford, along with their twenty-two children, ten grandchildren, and a lively pack of seven dogs, invite viewers into their extraordinary lives filled with love, challenges, and heartwarming moments.

In this latest series, the Radford’s navigate the uncharted waters of toddlerhood with the youngest members of the family while simultaneously grappling with the complexities of the teenage years. How will Sue and Noel deal with the departure of their adult children venturing into the world to start families of their own?

Series four is bound to keep you on your and this time, relationships are at its heart. From Katie secretly following her boyfriend to Zante, to Chloe facing life as a single parent after splitting with boyfriend Jake, Millie’s pregnancy scares and Noel’s midlife crisis the family faces both personal and shared struggles. That isn’t all, can the help of an emergency counsellor help to address extreme sibling rivalry within the family?

As if managing the dynamics of a large and ever-growing family wasn’t enough, the Radford’s make a monumental decision to move house after unwelcome trespassers leave the family feeling fearful. The challenge lies in figuring out who among the children is joining them and who might be left behind, given the constraints of space in their new home. Will this be the last time we see the Radford’s all together under one roof?

22 Kids and Counting, Series four promises to be a riveting journey, offering viewers an intimate look into the Radford’s supersized lives filled with love, laughter, and the inevitable challenges that come with raising a large and extraordinary family.

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