What’s it all about?

Limes’ Internship is a training scheme with a difference. We are looking to bring the next generation of talent into the television industry and we want to attract individuals from all backgrounds. We’re not concerned about your qualifications or professional skills/experience, what is important to us is your passion, drive and creativity.

We have a number of 9-month internships available across our production departments. During your time at Lime we will give you in depth on the job training to help you develop broad understanding, knowledge and experience in your chosen area, and at the end of the 9 months you will be well-equipped to apply for entry level positions across the media industry.

This is a special scheme aimed at new entrants into the industry and therefore, if you have a media/production degree or 12 months work experience or more in this industry then we would advise that you look at some of our other opportunities that are more relevant for your level of experience.

Where and When?

Application deadline: 5th July 2019

Assessment day: 30th July 2019

Location: Liverpool

Start Date: September 2019

What’s on offer?

In return for your talent, commitment and enthusiasm we will give you a 9-month contract at a salary of £15,000 (pro rata), structured training in your chosen field and the opportunity to work alongside highly experienced professionals on our award-winning productions.

How to apply

Select one of the opportunities below and follow the application process. We want to know why you’re applying and what excites you about the internship you’ve chosen. We may also want to see some of your creative work.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend our assessment day.

How will we assess you?

Our assessment day is a unique mix of interviews, practical tasks and mentoring.  You’ll work with other applicants and our experienced staff, using professional equipment and carrying out the sort of work you would be doing as a member of our crew.  We’ll be observing how you work both independently and as part of a team and assessing your current skills and potential for the future.


Please ensure that you upload the required application material as detailed below for your area of interest. If you have been asked to provide written content with your application then please upload this as a text document.


"I truly feel that being Costume Intern has given me the essential skills, experience and contacts that will prepare me for a career in television."


"I'm loving my time here at Lime so far. I've learnt so much in so little time, thanks to the brilliant crew especially Jo Lewis."



"I have been involved in working with several departments including; research, script editing, story lining and production. I now feel equipped with the skills to take the next step in my career."


"I have really enjoyed my time here at Lime. The crew and cast have made me feel very welcome here. I have relished in booming on set and learning about the sound equipment."



"Whilst working at Lime Pictures I feel I’ve learnt skills that will carry me through my career within the industry. I have built strong relations with all the cast and crew and have loved every second of my training."


Make-Up Intern

This internship provides a rare opportunity to see the continuity side of makeup in drama.  You will work as part of a large makeup team, gaining confidence in being part of a TV crew and learning skills and techniques that you can use in the future.

At the end of your 9 months at Lime, you will be ready to apply for Junior/Assistant makeup positions across the TV industry.

Assessment material:
Send us before and after photos of 3 make up looks that you have created and tell us why you chose them.