Vinnie Jones In The Country

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He was one of football’s dirtiest players, now Vinnie Jones is about to get even muddier fronting a new reality show about the great outdoors.

The former Wimbledon, Leeds and Chelsea midfielder — who was sent off 12 times during his career — will document his life in the south of England where he recently bought a country pad on 147 acres of land.

The six-parter sees Vinnie adjusting to rural life and getting into ­farming.

This show will see Vinnie in a totally different light, where viewers can witness his vulnerable side. It’ll be hugely uplifting and great fun as Vinnie and his family take on living in the country and bonding at the same time.

The discovery+ series, will also see the Snatch actor attempt to save the local wildlife, something he feels passionate about.

Vinnie says: “Most people know me as a professional footballer or Hollywood hardman, but what they probably don’t know is all of that hard work has been to support my real passion: my home in the great British countryside.

“I was raised living off the land and can’t wait to show people the joy and beauty of our countryside, and the reward of old-fashioned hard work. Bring it on.”

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