When ABBA Came To Britain

  • Date: 18th March 2024

The Sun exclusively revealed Wise Owl will be joining in the celebration of ABBA’s 50th anniversary with ‘When Abba Came To Britain‘.

“As well as the Top Of The Pops footage on More Abba At The BBC, the show When Abba Came To Britain will feature never-before-seen interviews with the band, as well as musicians who have been influenced by them including Primal Scream star Bobby Gillespie and Blossoms.

“Their old tour manager Thomas Johansson will also open up about ABBA-mania in the UK.”

“Even the Eurovision judge who famously scored the hitmakers ‘nul points’ back in ’74 makes an appearance.”

I’m sure that will involve some begrudging backtracking by the individual in question.

When Abba Came To Britain, produced by Wise Owl Films, will air next month alongside More Abba At The BBC.

Full story can be found HERE


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