Hollyoaks air heart-breaking diagnosis for Juliet Nightingale

  • Date: 12th October 2023
  • Channel 4

Juliet Nightingale, played by Niamh Blackshaw, receives the news that her Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is terminal.

Hollyoaks launch new social media campaign #OdeToMyJuliet

With girlfriend Peri by her side, Juliet receives the news from her doctor that, although she’s clear from norovirus, her kidney function hasn’t improved like they hoped. Later in the episode, she receives the devastating news that her cancer has spread and, due to how weak her body is, there are no further treatment options.

Upon hearing the news, Juliet thinks back to happier times as she remembers her recent trip to Brighton and, in moving scenes, she asks to go home.

Juliet has been receiving treatment for cancer since her diagnosis in late 2022. After reconnecting with her ex-partner Peri Lomax, the loved-up pair quickly moved in together, making every moment count.

In scenes to come, her family and friends will go through their own journeys as they try to process the news, and support Juliet during her last days.

Hollyoaks have worked with the charity Teenage Cancer Trust to accurately portray Juliet’s cancer storyline.

In line with the episode, Hollyoaks will launch a new social media campaign, titled ‘Ode To My Juliet’, and fronted by Niamh Blackshaw.

The campaign invites viewers to share their own cancer stories, memories, and bereavement journeys.

A video detailing the campaign will be launched on the soaps’ social media channels.

In the clip, Niamh Blackshaw states “Juliet’s Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is now terminal. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see Juliet tell loved ones, live out her last days, and then she is going to die.”

“In a way to commemorate Juliet as a character, and to do something positive, we want to come together and share stories of loved ones who may have been touched by cancer.”

Using the hashtag #OdeToMyJuliet, the soap invites members of the public to share their stories on TikTok, where they can greenscreen, duet and stitch the videos. Or they can share a picture, video, or even a poem on Instagram.

For help and support on the issues raised in this storyline, please visit: https://www.channel4.com/4viewers/help-support




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