Tyler Conti Cast As Cleo’s Boyfriend, Abe Fielding

  • Date: 18th January 2024

Tyler will be filming alongside the McQueen family present and returning, including Nadine Mulkerrin, Jorgie Porter, and Jennifer Metcalfe.

Personal trainer Abe is a passionate and charming man, appearing very loving, friendly, and approachable, but under the surface there’s more than meets the eye…

Cleo McQueen will be returning to the Hollyoaks village in search of Joel, wanting to reconnect. However, one person who isn’t on board with this idea is her new fling Abe, who turns up to the village ready to win her affection. The mystery behind the new arrival continues when it’s revealed he has an unexpected family connection in the village…

Tyler’s first Hollyoaks episode will be available to stream first on Channel 4 on Thursday 18th January or watch live on E4 at 7pm on Friday 19th January.

Talking about his new role, Tyler said “Abe is a charming working-class young lad with a manipulative streak a mile wide. The ingredients of a deeply troubled past and a complicated family life have brewed his dangerous temper, especially when things don’t go his way.

“I can’t wait for Abe to explode into to the Hollyoaks village, you can expect danger, manipulation, and one heck of a messy family that comes with.”

Tyler is best known for playing Scott in TV miniseries ‘Safe’ (2018).


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